You know first hand how difficult it can be to find the perfect fit in your intimates. Sometimes, nothing feels unique and special enough when you’re running around searching in retail stores, and customization seems to only feel like a dream. Customizing your intimates is a new luxury at your fingertips – meaning that you can have something made especially for you. Custom and unique intimates are treasurable pieces involving design, concept, and color.  

 I want to help create a meaningful product that embodies elegance, beauty at a true artisan approach.  Custom made might be the just right for you. Design, concept, and color are all discussed with you.

Please continue reading to see the process!

*Each case will be handled and treated differently - please approach me with time if there is an expected date! (ie. For a bridal shower gift, birthday, etc.) 

*Account for 4 - 8 weeks, I will keep you updated throughout the process!  

*If you are local to Cherry Hill, NJ, feel free to set up an appointment to discuss lingerie at Aimee Michelle Bridal.

*Remember - I can only take so many special clients at a time! I will do my best to cater to all who ask. 

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 1: Please, share everything with me! Tell me about you, show me what you love, and what designs you dream to slip into. This journey starts with filling out this form! It has space dedicated for everything you’ll need to fill out. Please make the Subject of this form (FIRST NAME / CUSTOM). In your main message, describe to me a little about what you're looking for! A brief of your measurements / size would be lovely as well.  

2: After submission, we will discuss all of the details of your request. I am to respond to emails within 24 hours on business days. If I need further information on your vision, I will ask a few questions.  I will then confirm timeframes, design, and send a quote. Once you approve it, I will set up a special listing online for you to submit your order. Once payment comes through, I will get started on your special piece!

* Payment will go through my website - under the SHOP tab, there is an area that is dedicated to custom forms. Select the price we discussed and proceed to checkout. 

3: Production will commence following payment, and process photos will be sent to you, and present on social media.

4: Once the piece is finished, it will be packaged in a special box and shipped out to you, or picked up at Aimee Michelle Bridal. All parcels are dispatched with tracking so you’ll be able to track its journey from our studio to your home.